AIMS International
Livestock Database
Herd Management


                                                                                                                                                                   is a company for professionals working on planning, preparation and operation of Livestock Information Systems, Animal Identification & Registration & Traceability Systems

AIMS provides customers with consultancies in a wide range of veterinary                 areas, Herd-Health-Management, I&R as well as delivery of appropiate training.

AIMS core competence lies in the provision of professional consultation, technical assistance, training and project management.  

AIMS  attention will be given also to the private actors in  sector to support their efforts to comply with the EU food safety and quality requirements. Projects or project components on quality improvement of milk and meat may cover for the following areas:

 ·                  Animal production, animal health and herd management             

·                   Planning and implementation of milk quality control systems 

                   ·Introduction of quality systems for milk and meat   (QS and QM) 

· Training of livestock farmers on milk quality improvement 

·                   Training  in Herd Management software

                  · Support  for implementation of EU standards in food quality and safety

                    Technical Assistance for Animal Identification & Registration